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Supply List to Start Piano Lessons

Monday, September 14, 2020 by Jose Quesada | Piano 101

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This guide was designed to help parents and students get the appropriate materials to start piano lessons at Zion Piano Studio. 


Students will need access to a musical instrument for daily piano practice. An acoustic piano is desired, but some digital pianos are acceptable. Families and new students should consult the Studio for advice on piano purchases. 


Students will need access to textbook materials for lessons and daily practice. Depending on the student's level, families may need to purchase a music literacy book, a lesson book, and a performance book.


Families should get a notebook to write homework assignments and other important information. Students should bring their notebook to the lesson each week.


Students should download a free metronome app to be used in daily practice sessions. Students can purchase a traditional or digital metronome if desired.

Recording Device

Students should have access to a recording device for homework assignments. Apps like iPhone's voice memo or camera are perfectly acceptable as recording devices.  

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