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Adult Piano Lessons in Benbrook


Adult Piano Lessons provides private piano instruction in Benbrook for adult students (18+). Students meet weekly with one of our qualified piano teachers for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Students can explore a variety of styles including classical, jazz, Christian, and pop, among others. Students can play in optional recitals and participate in other enrichment events provided by the Fort Worth Music Teachers Association, the Texas Music Teachers Association, and the Music Teachers National Association.



Fall Semester (August 14 to December 17 of 2022)

  • 30 minutes: $700 ($140/month)
  • 45 minutes: $1,050 ($210/month)
  • 60 minutes: $1,400 ($280/month)

Spring Semester (January 2 to May 27 of 2023)

  • 30 minutes: $700 ($140/month)
  • 45 minutes: $1,050 ($210/month)
  • 60 minutes: $1,400 ($280/month)

Summer Session (June 4 to July 29 of 2023)

  • 30 minutes: $280 ($140/month)
  • 45 minutes: $420 ($210/month)
  • 60 minutes: $560 ($280/month)

The Studio year includes 45 weeks of lessons. Holidays and observances may impact the number of lessons per year. Tuition is paid per semester or in monthly equal installments. Tuition is due before the first day of the semester or month. Other fees may apply for enrichment programs.

Starting Books and Supplies

  1. Piano
  2. TheoryTime Medallion Series: Theory Fundamentals Comprehensive
  3. Faber Adult Piano Adventures

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