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JP25 - That's Jazz Book 1 - Getting Into It - Sowash

THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU IF: - You want to get into jazz for the first time. - You want to play music by ear. - You want to learn how to improvise. - You just want to have fun playing jazz tunes! - You want to learn skills that will help you become a jazz pianist. Until now, jazz literature has primarily been accessible only to advanced players, leaving emerging pianists with a gap in their education. That s Jazz fills this gap with a collection of compelling and accessible tunes, covering the main jazz styles of swing, Latin, and rock. Each book is organized in a clear and consistent format including several unique components: - Warm Up pages focus on key concepts and technical aspects of each tune. - Going Further pages build improvisation skills and encourage creative exploration. - Optional duet parts enhance practice and performance. - Included CD features performances of all tunes, demonstrating their stylistic nuances.

JP36 - That's Jazz Book 1 Performance - Get Your Groove On

That s Jazz Performance correlates with the popular That s Jazz method for beginning and intermediate jazz piano, and provide additional opportunities for students to use their new improvisational skills. Each tune includes an optional duet part while downloadable demonstration tracks and suggestions for MIDI keyboard enhancements make practicing even more fun! Going Further pages build on improvisation skills from That's Jazzand encourage further creative exploration. Students with an interest in jazz will love these books whether used as stand-alone repertoire or as a supplement to That s Jazz.