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Carson Dellosa | Skills for Success: Spanish Workbook | 6th–12th Grade, 129pgs

 WORKBOOK FEATURES: • Ages 11–18, Grades 6-12 • 128 pages, 10.8 inches x 8.2 inches • Topics covered: common expressions, parts of speech, pronunciation, basic grammar, conjugating verbs, sentence structure, making comparisons, asking questions, and more • Pronunciation guide and topic-based vocabulary lists • Includes an answer key FOCUSED PRACTICE: The Skills for Success Spanish Workbook for middle schoolers and high schoolers helps your student build Spanish fluency through engaging activities that cover topics that include the alphabet, pronunciation, conversational language, greetings, grammar, conjugation, prepositions, possessives, negation, infinitives, and imperatives. CORRELATED TO CURRENT STATE STANDARDS: The activities in this illustrated workbook are designed to help students achieve world cultures and foreign language outcomes, including using culturally appropriate language to communicate with others through speaking and writing and gaining and using knowledge and understanding of other cultures. HOW IT WORKS: Designed to enhance current homeschool, classroom, and virtual Spanish curriculum and instruction, this workbook helps students in grades 6-12 reinforce everyday Spanish vocabulary through practical vocabulary- and grammar-based activities and exercises. Topic-based vocabulary lists and a pronunciation guide provide additional resources to support learning. WORKING TOGETHER: Parents and teachers can use the activities as teaching tools or as independent learning assignments. The topic-based vocabulary lists and answer key provide additional reference materials for educators. WHY CARSON DELLOSA: For more than 40 years, Carson Dellosa has provided solutions for parents who want to help their children get ahead and for teachers who want their students to meet and exceed set learning goals. Carson Dellosa partners with you in supporting your child’s educational journey every step of the way.