Zion Piano Studio

Benbrook's Zion Piano Studio Policies 

I. Binding Nature of Studio Policy 

This Studio Policy sets forth the standards and expectations that we have for each student that we instruct. To help all of our students learn in a professional setting and in an organized manner, we need the students and parents to review this Studio Policy so that everyone is on the same page with what is expected. While we can make exceptions for the unexpected event that arises, this Studio Policy will be our guide for our students. Please let us know if you have any questions.

II. Payment Terms

Monthly Payments. The tuition for the Spring Semester is $700 (30 minutes), $1,050 (45 minutes), or $1,400 (60 minutes) and will be paid in five equal monthly installments of $140 (30 minutes), $210 (45 minutes), or $280 (60 minutes). The monthly payments are due by the first day of the month. No lessons will be provided during the month unless the entire monthly payment has been made prior to the start of the month. 

Per Lesson. The fee for single or extra lessons is $40 (30 minutes), $60 (45 minutes), and $80 (60 minutes). Please make payment for the lesson prior to the start of the lesson.

Return Check Policy. If a check is returned due to insufficient funds or for some other reason, we ask that you pay any fee assessed against the studio by the bank and reissue the check at your earliest convenience.

III. Make-up Lessons and Refunds

The studio understands that students will miss lessons due to illness, inclement weather, family emergencies, or other issues that may arise. If you know that the student will miss a lesson, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will make every opportunity to reschedule the lesson at a convenient time, but we cannot guaranty that each missed lesson will be made up

IV. Teacher’s Absences 

Illness or other emergencies may arise which prevent the teacher from offering a lesson at a scheduled time. If the teacher is unable to provide a scheduled lesson due to illness or other reasons, make-up lessons will be scheduled at a time when the student and teacher are available. No refunds or credits will be provided if the make-up lesson cannot be scheduled.

V. Music Instruction Fee 

Prior to the beginning of the semester, the parent will be provided a list of the music instruction materials the student will be using throughout the semester. You must purchase all of the items on the list prior to the start of the semester. The list will contain internet websites where the materials may be purchased.

VI. Student Termination 

Student Termination. If a student decides to discontinue taking lessons from the studio, the studio requests at least one-month advance notice. Depending upon the reason for the termination, the studio may refund pre-paid lessons in its discretion.

Teacher Termination. The studio reserves the right to terminate the contract with the student/parent if the student has excessive absences or if the teacher determines that the student is not cooperating or progressing in his or her music studies. Prior to any decision to terminate, the teacher will meet with the parents to discuss the situation. Refunds for pre-paid lessons will be provided at the discretion of the studio.

VII. Miscellaneous Policies

Recital Policy. The studio holds several recitals at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. The recital schedule will be announced at the beginning of each semester. Students interested in playing will be assigned a recital piece early in the semester and are expected to play the piece at the recital. Memorization is optional for studio recitals, but might be required for other events. Friends and family are encouraged to attend the recital, but space limitations require that each student be provided only five tickets for each recital. Please refrain from bringing young children who are not able to sit still for a long period of time so that other students and families are not disturbed during the recital. 

Punctuality. Please have the student arrive at least five minutes prior to the start of the lesson so that the student is ready when the lesson time begins. A tardy student will be given only the time remaining in the student’s scheduled lesson period. Students should be quiet while in the waiting area so as not to disturb other students. Students should bring all required books and materials to each lesson. Parents should pick students up as soon as the lesson is over to avoid overcrowding in the waiting area. 

Food and Drink. Food and drink are not permitted in the studio. Students are also prohibited from chewing gum while in the studio. 

Practice Expectations. Students are expected to practice a maximum of six days a week. Parents should ensure that the student is given a quiet practice area. Parents should monitor practices and ensure that all of the assignments given to the student are completed. 

Office Hours. If a parent wishes to meet with the teacher to discuss the student’s progress, please call at 817-372-6883 or email at info@zionpianostudio.com to set up an appointment with the teacher. The studio requests that calls be made before 2pm or after 8pm in order not to disrupt lessons that may be in progress at the studio.  

Parents Attendance at Lessons. The studio encourages parents to attend and quietly observe lessons for their children. The studio does reserve the right to exclude a parent if the teacher determines that the parent’s presence is disturbing the child or impeding his or her progress. 

Parking. The studio has three designated parking spots in our driveway. You may use these when your child is taking a lesson if they are available. Do not park in other spots to not disturb our neighbors. The studio is not responsible for any damages done to your car.

Access. The studio is in a residential area. We recommend that parents accompany their children to and from the studio. The studio is not responsible for any injuries or accidents outside of the studio area. 

Photos and Videos. The studio has a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and a YouTube channel where we post student photos and small video clips from recitals. If you do not want your child’s photos or videos posted, please let the studio know in writing.