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The MusicLink Foundation allows us to provide a 50% tuition discount for students.  

 The Zion Piano Studio has partnered with the MusicLink Foundation to provide a scholarship of at least 50% of our normal tuition fee for low-income families. The spots are reserved for families interested in piano lessons, but who normally cannot afford them. Interested families will have to meet certain criteria, which will be checked by the Foundation through an application process. Families interested in this opportunity must contact the Studio at 817-372-6883 or at info@zionpianostudio.com.

The MusicLinkFoundation is a non-profit organization that links promising students in need with professional music teachers who volunteer to teach on partial to full scholarship for as long as these students wish to learn.The MusicLink Foundation assists in the purchase and repair of instruments, moving costs for donated pianos, camp scholarships for our students, and coordination and expansion of programs into new communities across the country. Foundation funding relies on contributions from the public, in-kind instrument donations from business partners and grants. The MusicLink Foundaiton has served over 6500 students in 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces with teachers donatingover 450,000 hours of instruction, equivalent to over $11million of in-kind service to the program.

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