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Theory Time: Medallion Series - Theory Fundamentals Comprehensive

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The Medallion Bronze workbook presents music alphabet, keyboard, staff & grand staff, stem rule, steps & skips on a keyboard & staff, repeated notes, dynamics, drawing the treble & bass clefs, treble clef lines & spaces, bass clef lines & spaces, quarter note & rest, half note & rest, whole note & rest, dotted half note, 8th note, bar lines, double bar line, measures, time signatures, rhythm drill, intervals, half & whole steps, sharps & flats, major scale pattern, major scales of C, F & G, vocabulary, ear training and a review test. Free ear training videos for each ear training exercise are hosted on the Theory Time YouTube channel. This workbook includes 67 pages, 18 Lessons and 6 Fun Sheets. The Medallion Series is an accelerated method appropriate for adults, older beginning students, and college-bound students preparing for AP Examinations in Music Theory.