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Theory Time: Medallion Series - Early Intermediate Comprehensive

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The Medallion Silver workbook presents drawing the treble & bass clefs, treble clef lines & spaces, bass clef lines & spaces, staff & grand staff, notation, 8th note & rest, 16th note & rest, dotted quarter & dotted 8th notes, note groupings, time signature, rhythm drill, stem rule, ledger lines, melodic & harmonic intervals, chromatic signs, half & whole steps, enharmonic notes, major scale pattern, all major scales & key signatures, Circle of Fifths, tonic, subdominant & dominant triads, major & minor 3rds, major triads and vocabulary. Free ear training videos for each ear training exercise are hosted on the Theory Time YouTube channel. This workbook includes 83 pages, 17 Lessons and 7 Fun Sheets. The Medallion Series is an accelerated method appropriate for adults, older beginning students, and college-bound students preparing for AP examinations in Music Theory.